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Kaspersky Lab provides premium protection against viruses, spyware and Internet crime. Kaspersky is ranked #1 worldwide in virus and spyware detection, and independent tests confirm that Kaspersky is the fastest to respond to virus outbreaks.The Kaspersky Virus Lab releases tested anti-virus updates more frequently than any other vendor with standard automated hourly updates, and makes additional critical updates available within 30 minutes of detection. Real-time statistics of the latest threats detected and updates released is available online at KasperskyVirusWatch.

Kaspersky Lab's full line of award-winning products and solutions protect against viruses, spyware, phishing, spam and hacker attacks. This enables us to deliver quality protection to our customers on the most complex networks comprising all types of access and entry points and hosts from firewalls and gateways to mail servers, file servers, workstations and mobile devices.The reliability and efficiency of Kaspersky products are affirmed by numerous industry certifications and international awards.

There are number of workstation, Desktops and Laptops at the Addis Ababa University in order to keep clean from these Viruses/Intruders/Spywares/Trojans/Adware’s, the Addis Ababa University has bought 12,000 licensed and Black Lion Campus has bought 1,000 License for Kaspersky Antivirus and installed on all workstations. In order to manage these we have deployed One Master Kaspersky Admin Kit and Seven Slave Kaspersky Admin Kits. The Master Admin Kit is installed at the ICT Data Center room

KAV Master Servers Location of the Kaspersky Master Admin Kit IP Address User Name Password http Link Address
1. 6 Kilo (Main) Campus Administrator Call ICT Office

and the Slaves are installed in some Campuses, these Slave Kaspersky Admin Kits are located in

KAV Slave Servers Location of the Kaspersky Slave Admin Kit IP Address User Name Password http Link Address
1. 4 Kilo (Science ) Campus 10..4.10.100 Administrator Call ICT Office
2. FBE (Business and Economics) Campus Administrator Call ICT Office
3. Black Lion (Medical Faculty) Campus Administrator Call ICT Office
4. Commerce Campus Administrator Call ICT Office
5. DebreZeit (Veterinary)Campus Administrator Call ICT Office
6. EiABC (Building College ) Campus 10.22. Administrator Call ICT Office https://10.22
5. AAiT (Technology) Campus Administrator Call ICT Office

The following picture shows the layout of the Anti-Virus deployment logical view.

For more information read the As Built Documentation of Kaspersky Security Center for Addis Ababa University.


Kaspersky Endpoint Master/Slave Admin Kit

Kaspersky® Administration Kit is a powerful and flexible tool for the centralized management of Kaspersky Lab secure content management solutions used on corporate networks.Kaspersky Administration Kit has been specifically developed for companies of any size and complexity. It provides centralized management of antivirus protection on even the most complex networks that have tens of thousands of nodes and support remote offices and mobile users.

Product philosophy

Universality and scalability. Kaspersky Administration Kit enables effective management of antivirus protection on networks of any complexity and configuration. Communication between administrative servers and clients is enabled on networks using dedicated lines, VPN, firewalls and proxy servers. 

Administration from a single location. Without leaving their work place, network administrators can deploy antivirus protection, set parameters for groups and individuals, keep antivirus databases and program modules fully updated, continuously monitor system status and respond effectively to critical situations. 

Continual control. Data on administration servers and client computers is regularly synchronized to ensure compliance with the company's security policy and server settings. This also ensures that the administrator receives up-to-the-minute information on network incidents. 
Minimal disruption to users work Administrators can perform all tasks related to deploying and maintaining antivirus protection on corporate networks remotely, without having to disrupt end users work. This ensures that the installation, set up and operation of the antivirus application has hardly any impact on end users.

Security. Kaspersky Administration Kit provides a whole new level of security. It is now possible to configure role and task definitions for administrators, audit their activities and exchange information on the administrative network through a protected SSL connection.

Ease of use for administrators. The system is administered via the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), which is a familiar tool for network administrators. A choice of wizards is available to simplify integration and set up of the program. There is also the option of making backup copies of the database and the application settings, which saves the administrator time when re-installing the program.

Remote installation

Support for a range of installation scenarios. Kaspersky Lab antivirus products can be installed from the administrator's work station using either the push install method or the login script install method on the Windows operating system.

Automatic creation and maintenance of server hierarchies and administration groups. Computers can be added to the administration group either manually or automatically, using the logical network structure, Active Directory catalogue service or IP address ranges.

Centralized administration

Centralized settings. It is possible to administer all antivirus products on the network, simply by adjusting the security policies and settings. The group security policy sets the basic work parameters and user privileges for the application on computers within a given administrative group.

Automatic updates to the antivirus database and program modules. Kaspersky Administration Kit does not require each computer to make direct requests to the Kaspersky Lab update server. Updates for selected antivirus applications are regularly downloaded to the administration server and automatically distributed to all computers on the network irrespective of the network configuration.

Full support for mobile users. Even where there is no connection to the administrative server (for example, when an employee is away on a business trip), antivirus protection is fully operable. The database can be updated via the Internet. As soon as a laptop registers on the home network, data from the server and laptop are synchronized.

Monitoring the status of antivirus protection

Planning reactions to incidents. With Kaspersky Administration Kit it is possible to plan in advance how the system will react to a large number of events. Administrators can opt to receive notifications via email and/or via NetSend, to launch any program , to set stricter security policies or update the antivirus database.

Centralized storage of suspicious and infected objects. Copies of infected files are saved in backup storage, while suspicious objects are saved to the quarantine folder. Both folders are accessible to administrators via a single console. Objects saved in local storage are inaccessible to users, while the information taken from these objects and stored in the database is accessible to administrators who have the necessary access privileges.

Graphic reports on protection status. Statistics about the operation of all Kaspersky Lab installations are available in a central database, which makes it easy to check that the application is working properly and create reports. Administrators can obtain summary reports on the program's overall operation and more detailed reports for individual groups on the corporate network.

System Requirements

Administrative server 

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise Edition 

Database Server (can be installed on another computer)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 

Administrative console 

Microsoft Windows NT Server / Workstation 4.0 SP 6a and above 

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server / Professional SP1 and above 

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP1 and above 

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 

Intel Pentium processor II 400 MHz or higher 

At least 64 MB RAM 

At least 12 MB HDD space available 

Network Agent 

Microsoft Windows 98 

Microsoft Windows ME 

Microsoft Windows NT Server / Workstation 4.0 SP 6a and above 

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server / Professional SP1 and above 

Microsoft Windows XP Professional / Home SP1 and above 

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 

Intel Pentium 233 MHz or higher 

At least 32 MB RAM 

At least 10 MB HDD space available 

For more detailed information please read kaspersky's full documentation Kaspersky Security Center 9.0